Theatre Dojo
Theatre Dojo

Theatre Dojo is founded by veteran artists Stephen Au and Phyllis Man in 2010, and has become the Venue Partner of Sheung Wan Civic Centre since 2015.

The group sees the stage as the dojo (Japanese term for training hall) for drama in which performers undergo enduring and focused practices of the heart, the body, the techniques and the arts. They are encouraged to hone themselves and strive for improvement in the process of their performances. Mirroring lives through theatre and expanding the unlimited horizon within the limited theatrical space, their works strive to showcase the true meaning of life on stage while encouraging self-reflections for the audience. Theatre Dojo aims to spread positive energy and to promote the qualities of truth, goodness and beauty within the arts.

Recent productions include A Time for Farewells, Miyamoto Musashi and Jeanne d’ Arc have received critical acclaim. Invited to tour abroad several times, Theatre Dojo brings high-quality stage production to the rest of the world

攬炒大舞台 聖女.貞德 Dojo3